Q: What is Cerametallics?

A: Cerametallics is a product developed by The Meridian Tile Group which

uses state of the art ceramic imaging (provided by
DCT Printers) to

create“faux metallic” plaques and markers for any applications where

traditional bronze and metal pieces are used. Porcelain blanks are used

instead of metal.

Q: Why not use the traditional metal plaques?

A: The answer is simple... metal plaques have become easy and desirable

targets of thieves that damage personal and public property. Thieves

sell the metal to recyclers for money. The porcelain and any materials used to

create Cerametallic plaques have no monetary value for theives.

Q: Why porcelain?

A: Porcelain is used for several reasons. First and foremost is durability.

Porcelain is highly chemical resistant, able to withstand freeze/thaw

conditions, and exceptionally resistant to graffiti. Cerametallic plaques

can be cleaned with solvents, household cleaners, as well as the intense

blasting of power washers. Graffiti literally wipes right off.

Q: What is the process used to make the plaques?

A: As stated in a previous question, Cerametallics is created using state of the

art digital ceramic imaging. Special ceramic toners and fluxes, using laser

printer technology, are applied to the porcelain and kiln fired at extremely

high temperatures. At these high temperatures, the toners vitrify and fuse

with the porcelain resulting in a permanent, fade-proof plaque or marker.

Please refer to the Our Process page on this website for more detailed


Q: You call Cerametallics “faux metal”...what does that mean?

A: Using computer graphics, we employ the process of “Trompe l’oeil” (which

is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that

the depicted objects exist in three dimensions) to recreate the metallic look of

expensive metal plaques. No actual metal is used in the process, instead, it is

(as stated above) simply an optical illusion.

Q: How durable are the plaques?

A: The plaques are highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals, freeze/thaw

conditions, as well as completely fade proof. The colors we use are

engineered to withstand temperatures of over 2200F degrees. Virtually

the only way to damage the plaque is to physically break it with something

such as a hammer.

Q: Are there any limitations as far as design?

A: Virtually anything you can create on a computer screen can be reproduced

as a Cerametallic plaque. Color, black & white photos, drawings and

paintings are not a problem. Any font of your choice is able to be used.

Combinations of design elements and textures are done all the time.

Q: Do I have to create the design or is that a service you provide?

A: We can work with artwork that you provide, or we can help you design

and create artwork here, in house.

Q: What sizes are available?

A: We can make plaques and markers as small as 2”x2” and as large as

12”x24”, and of course anything in between. Pieces larger than 12x24 can be

produced depending on how the artwork is engineered.

Q: How thick are the plaques, and how are they installed?

A: We work with a variety of porcelain substrates. They can range from as

thin as 3mm to as thick as 1cm. Depending on location and construction, the

plaques are installed using traditional tile setting products or epoxy type


Q: Where can the plaques be installed?

A: Just about anywhere. Monument bases, walls, walkways, bridges, even

under water are just some of the places the product is appropriate for

installation. Cerametallic plaques are unaffected by sunlight, weather,

landscaping chemicals, hard water, graffiti, etc.