Cerametallics is a product developed by the MERIDIAN TILE GROUP.

Along with its sister company
DCT PRINTERS, the MERIDIAN TILE GROUP has been a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of ceramic decal printing systems and custom made ceramic and porcelain tile.

The Cerametallics brand specializes in creating a faux metal finish on
ceramic and porcelain.

DCT PRINTERS ( is one of the World's leading producers and distributors of ceramic toners and digital ceramic printers. We are a full service supplier offering printers, toner, decal paper, covercoats and fluxes, and ceramic/porcelain substrates.

MERIDIAN TILE ( is one of the largest producers of custom decorated ceramic and porcelain in the United States. We offer custom made memorials, dinnerware, signage, murals, recognition products and more.

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Cerametallics Product Background

Vandals and metal thieves were preying on public art projects in the city of Phoenix, according to a Dec. 9, 2011, article in the Arizona Republic. They had stolen the bronze plaques off the city's Grovers Pedestrian Bridge and no funds were available to replace the costly metal fixtures.

DCT PRINTERS (part of the MERIDIAN TILE GROUP) was making large numbers of signs and plaques using our unique digital ceramic process that produces high-resolution images and photographic prints for imaging on ceramics and porcelain. So we thought, "Why not faux bronze?" Thus, the Cerametallics product was born.

We took our idea to the City of Phoenix, which by now had only two out of the original 24 bronze plaques remaining on the bridge. City officials liked the idea of replacing all the plaques with porcelain so we went right to work. Within a couple of weeks, we completed the replacement plaques and the city had them installed. As you can tell by the photos in our gallery, the Cerametallic plaques are nearly a complete match to the original bronze plaques
- and at only about 20 percent of the cost.

Cerametallics has also been used by the National Registry Of Historic Places and has provided numerous plaques for historic homes.

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