Metal Theft
Metal theft is a huge problem in North Anerica and continues to get worse. High metal prices combined with drug addicts needing to feed their habits means nothing is safe. Here are a few recent news headlines about Bronze theft
- Bronze Plaque Stolen From Lakewood Park
- Billerica historical bronze plaque stolen
- Residents mobilizing to stop thefts of bronze plaques
- Plaques stolen from China Alley
- Memorial Plaques Dedicated To Derby War Hero Stolen
- Staten Island World War II plaque is stolen
- Bronze plaques stolen off of veterans memorial in Irwindale
- City to replace stolen bronze plaques
- Bronze plaques stolen from cemetery
The same high metal prices that fuel the thefts, also mean that replacements cost even more. Now there is a solution. Cerametallics new Faux Bronze plaques
Only one plaque remained out of 24
The remaining plaque
One of the replacement plaques installed
Close up of one of the replacement plaques
Who is CeraMetallics?
CeraMetallics is a division of the DCT Group, which stands for Digital Ceramic Technologies. We have been going strong as a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of ceramic decal printing systems. CeraMetallics specializes in creating a faux metal finish on ceramic and porcelain.

What are CeraMetallic plaques?
CeraMetallics plaques are plaques that look like bronze, nickel, copper or any metal of your choice but are really made of ceramic. This is possible through our digital ceramic printer system. Our unique process takes a high resolution image and transforms it into a decal meant to permanently grace ceramic and porcelain. The decals remained fixed due to the high fire ceramic pigments we use and the process we use to affix them. We fire the decals onto extremely durable porcelain in our kilns, which reach an impressive 1,560 degrees. We leveraged this same technology to create the faux metal plaques and can use it to create something special just for you. We can recreate the look of any metallic plaque, complete with requested details. Want a color photo or logo included? You got it. Like the look of bronze with a patina? Consider it done!

Why buy a CeraMetallic plaque?
- Metal thieves hate them
- Fraction of the cost of bronze or other metal
- Long-lasting with no fading, no discoloring, and a lifetime somewhere near forever
- Wide range of sizes, shapes, finishes of your choice
- Customized with artwork, logos, full-color photos or other details of your --choice
- Graffiti resistant; markers and paint wipe off easily
- Timeless and elegant, exuding an image of quality and permanence

Why buy from CeraMetallics?
- Free design and quote before you buy with no obligation
- Free standard shipping on all plaques throughout US and Canada
- Direct purchase from the factory; no middlemen hassles
- Special artwork included in the price
- Special delivery requirements honored; we work with you to meet them
- Experience! We've been designing and manufacturing custom ceramics for --more than 35 years
- Always available to answer your questions
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Look of Metal, The Durability and Price of Porcelain
Metal can be magnificent, but ceramic made to look like metal by CeraMetallics can be even more amazing! Our metallic ceramic plaques create the same timeless, elegant look of real metal, but at a fraction of the cost. Our plaques also wipe clean of graffiti and last virtually forever without fading, discoloring or rusting. Besides, metal thieves hate them! CeraMetallics uses a unique high-tech process to create durable, long-lasting plaques that can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Our imaging process allows us to easily include custom artwork, full-color photos, company logos or any other detail your heart, and plaque, desires. Our plaques work great for entry gates, memorials, business exteriors or interiors, company awards and, as the City of Phoenix found out, even on public bridges.

CeraMetallics Background
CeraMetallics emerged out of one of those "Eureka!" moments. Vandals and thieves were preying on public art projects in Phoenix, according to a Dec. 9, 2011, article in the Arizona Republic. They even had the audacity to steal the bronze plaques off the city's Grovers Pedestrian Bridge; no funds were available to replace the costly metal fixtures. We make a lot of signs and plaques using our unique digital ceramic process that produces high-resolution images photographic prints for imaging on ceramics and porcelain. So we thought, "Why not faux bronze?" CeraMetallics was born.
We took our idea to the City of Phoenix, which by now had only two out of the original 24 bronze plaques remaining on the bridge. City officials liked the idea of replacing all the plaques with porcelain so we went right to work! Within a couple of weeks, we completed the replacement plaques and the city had them installed. As you can tell by the photos, they are nearly a complete match to the bronze plaques - at only about 20 percent of the cost. Our faux metal plaques are also permanent, easily cleaned of graffiti, and have no value to thieves.

A CeraMetallic plaque of our logo
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Where can CeraMetallics Plaques be used?
- Public Art Projects
- Notable Plaque Designs
- National Register Plaques
- Veterans Plaques
- Military Plaques
- Memorial Plaques
- Pet Memorial Plaques
- Nameplates
- House Signs
- Award Plaques
- Garden Plaques
- Award Plaques
- Lettering
- Donor Trees
- Name Plates